Park Service

McMinnville, OR


This position is responsible for overall cleanliness and park appearance during park operations. This position communicates directly with our customers and works with our operations, customer service, aquatics, grounds, and maintenance staff with the following duties: 

Job Duties

·       Maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of the building, all eating areas, cabana, and luxury lounge sections.

·       Gathering and emptying trash and recyclables. Cleaning all garbage and recycling containers.

·       Maintaining supplies such as vacuums, brooms, scrub brushes, and mops.

·       Responsible for the cleaning and maintaining sidewalks, floors, walls, carpets, and furniture.

·       Cleans and sanitizes all restrooms facilities regularly, including toilets, urinals, sinks, drains, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and partitions.

·       Applying cleaning solutions in accordance with application instructions when needed.

·       Assisting with setting up facilities and furniture for groups and events as needed.

·       Assisting in other areas of park operations, such as cleaning the parking area as needed.

·       Maintaining a punctual, regular and predictable attendance. 

·      Flexibility in hours and days and some weekends or evenings. We are happy to work with you to find the hours that fit your needs.

·       Collaborating with a team to achieve assigned goals.

·       Respectfully takes direction from manager.

·       Other duties as assigned.



·       You must be at least 16 years or older to apply for this position.

 We are moving to hire immediately for this position! 

 We are hiring 8 people for this role.

 We offer very competitive wages for this role. 

We aim to find the best candidate for the job - we are open to candidates from all backgrounds. If being a part of a team and collaborating with others excites you, this is the right place for you. Even if you do not believe you meet the requirements, go ahead and apply - we have other positions that may fit your skills. 

McMinnville Properties LLC is an equal opportunity employer that promotes diversity and inclusion and offers a learning and team-focused environment.